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For Micro Business Owners


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Small Business Owners


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200 to 1,000 reviews
Includes 15 AI Credits


Small chains and agencies


per month
1,000 to 3,000 reviews
Includes 20 AI Credits

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AI Credits allow automated review response suggestions to reply reviews in seconds, in any language.
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Thousands of businesses like you are in control of their Google Reviews

That's the smile you get when you have you manage your reviews with LOCALBOSS.

FAQ - We have no secrets for you

You have Qs we have As

LOCALBOSS is a straightforward, no-nonsense app created for local business owners like you. It’s all about helping you manage and make the most out of your Google Maps reviews. Think of it as your personal assistant for online reputation management, but without the complicated jargon or steep learning curve.

LOCALBOSS essentially does four crucial things for your business:


  1. Monitor and Track Reviews:
    The app analyzes it for you, so you get the basic 4 straightforward metrics and KPIs that matter – because if you’re serious about your business’s online reputation, you need to know these figures. We’re talking about real-time tracking of trends and reviews, giving you a clear picture of where you stand and what you need to do to improve your rating. We are talking abou scpecific KPIs like “how many 5 star reviews I need to reach the next rating”.
    Imagine it was only 1… and you don’t know it.

  2. Boost Your Review Volume: 
    Of course improving your reviews will imply… getting more reviews. LOCALBOSS generates the link needed for customers to leave a review. Not the link to Google Maps. The link straight to the review form.

    More reviews mean a better representation of your business, and we make the process of getting those reviews as simple as pushing a button.

  3. Efficient Review Management:
    Here’s where we really shine.
    We believe we’ve crafted the fastest way to respond to reviews, blending AI (powered by GPT-4) suggestions with customizable templates, so you are always answering in your tone. Save your personalized responses, and watch how quickly you can handle reviews, we have users who reply 20 to 30 reviews per minute.

  4. Share Reviews on Social Media:
    This is the game-changer that nobody else is talking about, but it’s crucial. With LOCALBOSS, you can easily share your glowing reviews on social media. It’s not just about managing the negatives – it’s about amplifying the positives. And we make it seamless for you to showcase those 5-star reviews where they get more visibility.

In essence, LOCALBOSS is your go-to tool for managing your online reputation. It’s about giving you control and peace of mind, wrapped in a package that’s all about efficiency and authenticity. No jargon, no fluff – just real value for your business.

Sure, you could manage your reviews directly on Google Maps, but with LOCALBOSS, you get something that Google doesn’t offer:  control.

Do you feel like you are in control of your rating already? 

Here’s what you are missing out on:

  • Real rating score: Not the rounded one you know: the true stuff.
  • AI-Powered Response Suggestions: Get smart, context-sensitive suggestions to craft replies quickly and efficiently.
  • Customizable Response Templates: Save personalized templates to maintain your unique voice and style in every response.
  • Multilingual Support: Engage with a diverse customer base in their preferred languages.
  • Social Media Sharing: Easily share your best reviews on social platforms to boost your business’s visibility.
  • In-depth Analytics: Gain valuable insights into review trends and the impact of your responses.
  • Time Efficiency: Save precious time with streamlined review management, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Using LOCALBOSS is about being a boss in the truest sense – taking control of your online reputation seriously and acknowledging that managing reviews is a crucial part of running a successful business. It’s about not just participating in the conversation but steering it to your advantage.

LOCALBOSS connects directly to you Google Business Profile to analyse your reviews. This means that we use first hand data: no guessing, no scrapping, we use pure raw data.

When LOCALBOSS tells you that you are 3 reviews away from reaching the next rating, it’s exact. 

Of course we do have to connect to your account, but we only use the basic permissions required to read data and reply reviews (if you want).

When you access LOCALBOSS for the first time Google will it will require that you grant the app access to your Google Business Profile, makes sense, right?

The message will say that the permission you are granting allows us to “Edit and delete your profile”, but there’s no way that LOCALBOSS could delete a profile. Think about it, why would we do it? Tt doesn’t make any sense, yet Google still mentions it and can’t be removed. Regardless, using LOCALBOSS is 100% safe, we only read data, and to avoid security issues we don’t save any of your data, we simply query it from Google.

Google if you are reading this, please change this scary message!

Honestly: they have bigger fish to fry.

Maybe one day they will give you the same insights on Google Maps, but until then, we will cover for the insights and tools that you need, regardless who is providing them.


Absolutely, we are ideal for agencies and chains that manage several locations, as you can manage all of them from the same place.

We were born for Independent business owners, but we have all sort of companies among our clients. Some very large use us on the top of their expensive Review Managers, because, plain and simple, we do the job much better.

Some smart chains have noticed that and found a way to incorporate LOCALBOSS in their review management process.

Contact us to know more.

The reason is quite simple and straright forward.

We are not designed for Markerting Mangers who simply want to get the job done quickly, send some fancy reports, reply the reviews (thousands of miles away from the real business)  and go home.

We are designed for BOSSES (hence the name) whose lives depend on their business and their reputation.

We deliver actual value in terms of improving your rating, cutting the BS, and giving you the insights and metrics that will make the needle move.

We don’t have sales calls, demos, webinars or onboardings. We, like our bosses, are laser focused on delivering value.

If you are a chain and you want to know how to transform your Reviews Management with us, give us a call.

Simple: the larger you are, the more you pay.

We calculate your subscription based on your current reviews number (from all the businesses you manage), so you pay only what you can afford.

Every plan includes a number of fixed AI credits that will be added one time to your account. With these, you’ll be able to reply reviews faster using AI.

Not currently, but we are working on it. Please reach out and let us know what your specific need is.

That’s the best part.

We come from 25+ years on Marketing, and we absolutely bother the annoying marketing ‘trendy’ fake techniques.

We speak clear, direct and definitely, will only reach out when we have something interesting for you.

That being said, follow us on Instagram to have tips and content on how to get the most out of the app.

They talk about us in the media

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Boost your business reputation with local SEO and marketing basics that every business should know

JUly 9, 2022

Tracking your reviews is critical to determining whether your business is facing some threats (lose the current rating) or to benefit from opportunities (increase your rating faster!).

JUne 14, 2022

How does Google calculate the score that shows in our business listing? You guessed it: it’s a basic round up of the average reviews score, which is calculated with a basic calculation.

JUNE 30, 2022

Few years ago Google introduced a very cool feature for Local Business Owners: a chat to allow customers (specially the ones considering buying from us) to chat with businesses from Google Maps.

OCT 21, 2022

When we meet a new local business owner the first thing they ask us is always the same: “Can you remove my 1 star reviews?”. No, we can’t, but we can tell you how to deal with them to turn them around or at least minimise their impact.

NOV 8, 2022

More and more customers prefer reading online reviews before making a final purchasing decision, and statistics reveal that more than 93% of consumers check online product reviews before purchasing.

JUNE 3, 2022

Trustpilot, Google Maps, Ekomi, Tripadvisor, Google Merchant Reviews… there are hundreds of review platforms out there, but they are not all the same and they are not aimed to do the same.

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