LOCALBOSS pricing explained

Pricing is based on the total number of reviews. The more reviews you manage, the more you have to pay!


Real Star Rating

Discover your real rating, not the rounded average shown publicly

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How far is your business from improving the Public Rating?

Reply reviews fast

Reply reviews at the speed of light with pre-defined texts and emojis

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Quickly share your best reviews in social media and delight your fans

Get more reviews

Send in few seconds the review form invite via QR, WA, Email or social media

Must know trends

The trends are the key for anticipating rating changes and skyrocket your review score.

Ai review suggestion

All the power of Chat GPT 4 in your hands to suggest you replies in any language at any time.

Change Alerts

Localboss will alert you when your public score is about to increase or decrease.


24h free intro period, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. Then:


For Micro Business Owners


per month
1 to 200 reviews
Includes 5 AI Credits


Small Business Owners


per month *
200 to 1,000 reviews
Includes 15 AI Credits


Small chains and agencies


per month *
1,000 to 3,000 reviews
Includes 20 AI Credits


Medium Businesses


per month *
3,000 to 5,000 reviews
Includes 30 AI Credits


Large chains and companies


per month *
5,000 to 10,000 reviews
Includes 50 AI Credits


Off the charts


per month *
More than 10K reviews
Includes 100 AI Credits

Estimated prices: final price depends on country, taxes and platform fees.

let's talk honest

Why do we charge for it?

It's not a stupid question. If it's only two of us, and we are on a mission to bring fair competition among local businesses... why do we have to charge for it? After all so many apps nowadays are free.

Well, first, we don't have investors. And one of us is full time dedicated to LOCALBOSS. We need to charge to be able to make a living out of it and be able to keep developing LOCALBOSS rather than having to leave it and look for a job (this one is better, honestly).

Luckily we are not fans of FERRARIS, expensive meals or big homes.

We find happiness in other stuff, like seeing local restaurants that we love get the rating that they truly deservers.

This means that we don't have to charge you a lot, but we have to charge enough to be able to keep the shop open.

You, more than anyone else, will understand it.

Lastly, as we are not backed up by VCs or Investors (not into that, thanks) any support is welcome. Even if you don't use our app you can support our cause by donating.

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