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The 4 KPIs any local business owner should be tracking

Your Real Rating

This is the single most KPI you need to track. The rating (or score) that you see is obviously a round up number to 1 decimal. What two, three or four decimals hid is where the sauce is. Here you have everything you need to know about the real rating.

Real Rating Trend

(weekly, monthly and yearly)
Once you know your real rating… write it down! At least monthly, but depending on how many reviews your business gets you should track it daily too.

Partial Rating

(weekly, monthly and yearly)
Partial rating is the score that you get in a period of time, normally a month. It’s the “partial” score that you had during that period, and can be way higher (or lower) than the current Real Rating, indicating that something change suddenly in your business.

Number of reviews

Do you know how many reviews your local business gets a week? A month? If the answer is no, you can’t know if your team has suddenly stoped asking for them, or if the new QR or email is working or not.



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