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respond to google reviews with ai


Level up your reviews game with LOCALBOSS and leverage the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 for quick, authentic replies that maintain your brand's unique voice

Be aware: It might respond better than you

the easiest way to ANSWER GOOGLE reviews

Transform how you handle Google Reviews with LOCALBOSS.

Avoid repetitive, 'copy and paste' replies and embrace personalized, AI-powered responses that resonate with your customers.

Save time, enhance engagement, and maintain your unique brand voice effortlessly, bringing tangible benefits to your business's online reputation

Download it now and see by yourself, the first 24h is totally free.



Our AI technology, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, analyzes each review and suggests customized responses based on your brand’s unique tone and style (defined  by you in the AI Configuration).

It ensures that each reply is personalized and relevant, specially in delicate situations like 1 star reviews.

Absolutely! You have complete control to edit and tweak the AI suggestions to ensure they fully align with your message and brand voice.

We don’t recommend auto-reply tools, as AI does sometimes fail into fully understanding context, which can lead to mistakes.

Combining a super fast AI suggestion with a human posting the reply is the best way to have the best of the two worlds.

No, the AI is designed to create responses that are authentic and natural. It’s trained to mimic human-like conversation, ensuring that your brand’s personality shines through in every reply.

Honestly, it’s quite impressive.

Yes, our AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to respond to a diverse customer base in their preferred language.

You have a “copy response” button to quickly check in your favourite translation app the reply suggestion from the AI in another language.

Timely and personalized responses to reviews are not only crucial for improving customer satisfaction but also play a significant role in local SEO ranking factors. Engaging actively with all reviews, positive or negative, is viewed favorably by search algorithms and potential customers alike. This consistent engagement shows that your business values customer feedback and is dedicated to customer service, which can encourage more positive reviews and significantly enhance your Google Ratings.

All LOCALBOSS users have a free trial of 24h that includes 3 AI replies totally free. Once they have been used you can acquire 20 Credits for only 2,99€.

Keep in mind that not all your reviews require AI response!

LOCALBOSS offers free custom templates to answer most of your reviews.

Simple: the larger you are, the more you pay.

We calculate your subscription based on your current reviews number (from all the businesses you manage), so you pay only what you can afford.

Every plan includes a number of fixed AI credits that will be added one time to your account. With these, you’ll be able to reply reviews faster using AI.

With LOCALBOSS you'll be in control

Join thousands of independent Business Owners who are replying and delighting their customers with LOCALBOSS

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What our customers say


As a business owner, finding tools that contribute effectively to our operations is crucial. My recent experience with LOCALBOSS has been notably positive, and I feel compelled to share my insights.


next stop cafe (CA)


LOCALBOSS is AWESOME! It gives me all of the information I want in a quick second and actually makes us want to work on getting even more reviews as it shows us how many more we need before getting to the next rating. We used this app to get from 4.5 to 4.6 for the first time in 6 years and now we're excited to work on the next rating up 😎


Alameda Auto Electric (US)


This app is just a must have for any small bussiness, it helps us a lot in order to understand how google rate our place and to make some maketing smart decisions at the indicated moment!




Before finding this App I spent hours trying to put together a table in Excel that would show me how far I was from my goals. It is absurd that this App is free! Thank you very much.


Restaurante Saborear (BR)

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