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What makes LOCALBOSS so unique for independent local business owners?

  • Google Reviews Mastery: Precisely track reviews. Know the exact number of 5-star reviews needed to improve your rating. Say goodbye to guesswork and manual calculations.
  • Swift Review Replies: Engage with your customers swiftly and efficiently. Answering all reviews can give you a significant boost in Google results.
  • AI-Powered Responses: Struggling with the right words? Let our AI (GPT-4) craft the ideal response for you, in any language.
  • Instant Review Invite Link: Encourage more reviews from genuine customers. Share a direct link or QR code for easy review submissions across any network.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: Handle all your Google Business Profile locations with ease.
  • Boost Your Google Business Profile: With LOCALBOSS, you're not just monitoring; you're growing. Gain the insights you need to achieve the ratings you've always aimed for.

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Take control of your Google Reviews

Imagine knowing upfront if your local business rating will change. That's only the begining.

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Discover your real rating, not the rounded average shown publicly

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How far is your business from improving the Public Rating?

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Quickly share your best reviews in social media and delight your fans

Reply reviews hyper-fast

Plain and simply we are the fastest way to answer your replied, with is vital for SEO

AI Suggested response

Use the sheer power for GPT-4 to suggest you the best replies for your reviews.

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200 to 1,000 reviews
Includes 15 AI Credits


Small chains and agencies


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1,000 to 3,000 reviews
Includes 20 AI Credits


Medium Businesses


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3,000 to 5,000 reviews
Includes 30 AI Credits


Large chains and companies


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5,000 to 10,000 reviews
Includes 50 AI Credits


Off the charts


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More than 10K reviews
Includes 100 AI Credits

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Boost your business reputation with local SEO and marketing basics that every business should know

JUly 9, 2022

Tracking your reviews is critical to determining whether your business is facing some threats (lose the current rating) or to benefit from opportunities (increase your rating faster!).

JUne 14, 2022

How does Google calculate the score that shows in our business listing? You guessed it: it’s a basic round up of the average reviews score, which is calculated with a basic calculation.

JUNE 30, 2022

Few years ago Google introduced a very cool feature for Local Business Owners: a chat to allow customers (specially the ones considering buying from us) to chat with businesses from Google Maps.

OCT 21, 2022

When we meet a new local business owner the first thing they ask us is always the same: “Can you remove my 1 star reviews?”. No, we can’t, but we can tell you how to deal with them to turn them around or at least minimise their impact.

NOV 8, 2022

More and more customers prefer reading online reviews before making a final purchasing decision, and statistics reveal that more than 93% of consumers check online product reviews before purchasing.

JUNE 3, 2022

Trustpilot, Google Maps, Ekomi, Tripadvisor, Google Merchant Reviews… there are hundreds of review platforms out there, but they are not all the same and they are not aimed to do the same.

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