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What is LOCALBOSS about

These guys work real hard to improve your rating

Two friends with over 40 years of experience in the internet business were tired of seeing that "Local Review Managers" were only available to large companies and marketing teams, so they decided to do something about it.

Jordi Gil de Bernabé

CTO & Co-Founder
Jordi is a veteran all-terrain Senior Software Developer with a unique entrepreneurial mindset. He's been CTO and developer in some of the fastest growing startups in southern Europe, including BYHOURS, Carnovo or Mundimoto.

Xavier Colomés

CEO & Founder
Xavi has been around in the Internet business since the times of the dotcom bubble. He's worked as developer, markleting analyst, CRO and CMO in companies like Google, Intuit, Atrapalo, BYHOURS and aparca&go.


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Why did we create LOCALBOSS?

Better businesses should have better review ratings

We believe that a fair star rating on Google should not depend on the size of your budget, marketing team, or business. Better businesses should have better ratings regardless of their marketing knowledge. That's why we build apps that are easy to use, affordable, and reliable, bringing the best technology used by large companies to the small business down the street.

Designed for Local Business Owners like you

You don't have time for BS. We know that, so we don't waste your time. The app is so easy that we don't do onboarding, training or sales calls. Just download it and start growing your ratings.
(yes, they really are some of our customers)

Values are cool.
Behaviours are better.

These is how we aim to behave.

Honesty before glory

We believe that by treating everyone with respect and integrity, we can build strong, lasting relationships with our customers and partners. We never take advantage of others or engage in deceptive practices,: We don't believe in tricks, hacks or black hat tactics that could harm your business reputation.

Create fair competition

We believe that small businesses deserve the same opportunities and support as larger ones, and we work hard to provide solutions that level the playing field. Our goal is to make apps that bring SMBs the latest of the tech used by the large corporations, at a fraction of the cost .

K.I.S.S. is our credo

"Keep It Simple, Stupid" is one of our core values. Anyone can make easy things complicated. We aim to do the opposite. Complex systems often create unnecessary confusion, frustration and make things become unnecessarily expensive and unfair.

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