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Turn Google reviews into your secret weapon


The app to track, grow & reply your Google Reviews like a BOSS

Track & Monitor your Google Reviews

Access the actionable insights that will change the game for your business reviews rating: trends, reviews to the next rating, partial ratings & much more.

Get reviewed by your customers

With LOCALBOSS asking for reviews is as simple as selecting the app that you want to use (Whatsapp, Instagram, Email etc) or showing a QR to your customer.

Reply all your reviews in seconds

Combine our quick reply templates, the best AI (Chat GPT4) and your unique human Intelligence to answer reviews so fast, that you will always have a 100% response rate.

Share the love on Social

Amplify your customer love and create original user generated content with our built-in templates to share your best feedback on Social Media.

Get AI powered reply suggestions

Use the power of ChatGPT 4 to suggest you personalized answers for your reviews in any language and deal with delicated situations, always in your own tone.

Manage all your locations

All the data from your locations in the same place. Don't spend the day switching profiles in Google Maps, and boost your ratings and productivity with LOCALBOSS.

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The unfair advantage is now yours

For independent local business owners competing against the big chains on Google Maps might seem like a David vs. Goliath fight. That's where LOCALBOSS steps in, not just as another tool in your belt, but your secret weapon to control your review ratings.

Some of our real customers

These are some of the brands currently growing their ratings with LOCALBOSS

  • Lady Dumplings
  • Macchina
  • Bangkok Brothers
  • Wok to walk
  • Aparga & Go
  • Full
  • DOSS
  • Machaka
See the AI in action

How many reviews to your next rating?

Track your vital KPIs and get actionable insights, such as the exact number of reviews needed for the next rating upgrade.
Get reviews on the spot

Don’t simply ask for reviews: get reviews

With our tools to get reviews from happy customers growing your number of ratings is a piece of cake: QR, Email, Whatsapp, Social... you name it, getting more reviews will be as easy as sending a whatsapp.
See the AI in action

Replying reviews feels like magic

Even though AI suggestions for responding to reviews are impressively effective (often outperforming human responses, especially for negative reviews), we still advocate for personally replying to your reviews.
Thousands of business owners use LOCALBOSS

Loved by BOSSES like you

Join thousands of local business owners who are managing their reviews like pros. Check out their stories on our Instagram.

“LOCALBOSS feels like having an unfair advantage”

Badr Bennis, Owner of BENZiNA

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Audit your profile FREE

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